By supporting the work of the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry, you are joining with many others, passionate about life, who are making an impact in the lives of women who are vulnerable to abortion, and by doing so, are saving the lives of precious babies.

As each new year begins and we work on assessing the previous year we ask ourselves, “What has our impact been? What’s the value and what does it all mean?”

That impact means different things to different people. A recent Community Impact Report we developed for our National and State legislature focused on what they “count” as important, i.e. what was the value to their constituents. It showed thousands of individuals served, prenatal vitamins dispensed, STD/HIV tests conducted, educational classes attended, NO Federal or State dollars accepted and over half a million dollars in services given free to our community.

When we dig deeper and focus on counting what we deeply value, we see over a thousand Gospel presentations and spiritual discussions, nearly 500 women who changed their minds from abortion. Resulting in an additional 477 babies served and cared for and brought to life.  Invaluable.

We don’t separate mother and baby and count individually, but that’s exactly what the true numbers really are, not only 477 women spared from the pain of abortion, but another 477 “clients”, their preborn babies, spared from abortion and given LIFE. Will you rejoice with us as we celebrate this record breaking number of lives impacted?

Precious Kaylee's parents changed their mind for Life when they heard the incredible sound of her heartbeat in our Annapolis office.

Precious Kaylee’s parents were considering abortion, but changed their mind for Life when they heard the incredible sound of her heartbeat in our Annapolis office.

These are the results we share with you in our Vision. This is why you pray for and support the ministry and why your generous financial gifts are so deeply needed, so that next year, the impact can be even greater.


The Pregnancy Clinic is a faith-based, medical non-profit, serving those facing pregnancy-related and sexual health issues by offering physical, emotional and spiritual support, and empowering them to make healthy and life-affirming decisions.


Waking up in the cold harsh reality of the detox unit of the hospital where she worked, Ila Ryan knew she had hit rock bottom. Through the cycle of abuse, alcohol, and pain, she’d had not one, but four pregnancy termination procedures. She was grieving the loss of her children.

In 1981, this brave woman stood in her Sunday school class and shared her story. When she finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, but she was there to challenge the class to do something so women would realize that they had a choice; they had options.

In May of 1982, the Bowie Crisis Pregnancy Center opened its doors to provide those options: help and hope, for now and eternity, to women making decisions regarding unexpected pregnancies. Those foundational values and our mission of “empowering individuals to make healthy, informed, life-affirming choices” have remained steady as we have watched the Pregnancy Clinic’s name evolve, locations expand, and services grow. In 2005, the Severna Park office opened, bringing redemption to the former Gynecare Center, pregnancy termination clinic, turning it from a place of death and darkness to a refuge of life and light. In 2012, the Annapolis office opened, providing a refuge for women going to the Planned Parenthood for pregnancy terminations across the street.

The Pregnancy Clinic Ministry is a refuge where the truth is spoken in love, the Gospel is shared, and where a drink from a “cup of cold water” is offered. Within our doors, clients receive help and healing, and see life as God sees it…precious and full of hope.


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